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Review of the game We Want Bingo

Speaking of putting your money where your mouth is, here’s another example. Those behind We Want Bingo are well aware of their target demographic, which consists of individuals who, quite literally, want to play bingo. Everything is in order now. When the webpage loads for the first time, this is immediately noticeable. Even yet, anybody who objects to the implications of the word ‘desire’ would most likely want to run a mile away from the situation. The essence of people who “want” a great deal is that they are seldom content. As a result, they are frequently willing to put themselves in others’ way to fulfill their insatiable want. This website contains several allusions to the word ‘desire,’ and as a result may come off as a bit, shall we say, needy.

Alternatively, it’s possible that we’re just reading much too much into things as we always do. For the sake of not going off on tangents, let’s concentrate on the site itself, what it offers, and what it delivers on, rather than the hidden messages that, when analyzed in retrospect, probably say more about our collective state of mind than anything relating to the people who, most likely, just built a bingo website without realizing that someone was going to get all psychoanalytical on their work.

Standard Point of View

The webpage itself is very ordinary, with few bells and whistles, to say nothing of any special effects. We haven’t seen worse, but it isn’t the best either. Everything is crisp and clear, however we are perplexed as to what the enormous PLUS sign on a box in the centre of the screen truly means. Perhaps our browser experienced a freeze during the taste test, or perhaps it did not and someone, somewhere in the background, just neglected to choose the option for ‘animate’ when prompted. This is a little strange and does not give me confidence that the remainder of the site will be up to par, in any case.

Aside from this little quibble, there’s a lot to enjoy about the initial landing page. Each of the navigation tabs at the top of the screen is easily distinguishable and located exactly where it should be. Additionally, regular gamers will immediately recognize the xCite emblem, which essentially indicates that this website is a member of a larger network of websites that have signed up to utilize the xCite loyalty system. In spite of our incredible ability to think outside the box and come up with wonderful new ideas, we are, by nature, creatures of habit to a considerable extent. As a result, seeing something that is so familiar will most likely put some people at rest.

Slots that are recommended

As for the rest of the page, there’s a large but sparsely supplied section titled ‘Gem’s Slot Recommendation This Week’ that has a single sentence. The author deserves praise for really knowing how to use an apostrophe, but we’re stumped as to why the designers opted to devote so much space to this portion of the website. Because there will only ever be one slot suggested (thus the use of the singular rather than the plural), this will always seem to be two-thirds empty — there is enough room for another pair of suggestions.

Below this is the We Want Blog ticket, which displays the most recent news from the website and demonstrates rather clearly why, if you have a blog ticker on your homepage, you should make an effort to keep the blog up to date. When we checked, the most recent entry on the site had been made on the 31st of January. Hopefully, this isn’t referring to the 31st of January this year, rather than something even older, but it doesn’t take two minutes (well, maybe 20) to knock out a hundred words on anything related to bingo, and as a result, this seems to be a case of laziness. This isn’t good enough.

Play some video games.

Anyway, how about we chat about video games? This is most likely an excellent idea. When you click on ‘We Want Games’ in the top menu row, you will be directed to a portion of the website that will show you all of the games that are currently available. This follows a very common format, and there isn’t a whole lot to say about it other than that it is rather standard.

In terms of bingo, you’ll discover 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, High 5 bingo, and that’s about it when it comes to the game. Using the site’s name – We Want Bingo – as a point of reference, we want to emphasize that this feature is, strangely, absent on the website. The site does include some bingo games and a few games to play within each kind, but there are other bingo websites that do this considerably more extensively and also offer other things that this specific site does not, such as casino games, which is something this particular site does not.

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